Greg Marutani and Sharon Ishii-Jordan presenting a teacher training workshop

Educational Programs

The JACL is committed to the goal of educating our membership and the public at-large about the Japanese American historical experience and the lesson that the World War II internment holds for the future conduct of our government related to our Constitutional liberties.

Educational Materials

To accomplish its goal, the JACL publishes and distributes educational materials about the internment and about the Asian American historical experience. These materials include the curriculum guides A Lesson in American History: The Japanese American Experience and The Journey From Gold Mountain: The Asian American Historical Experience.

Teacher Workshops

The JACL also offers a teacher-training workshop titled What It Means To Be An American where experienced presenters prepare teachers to teach a unit on the Japanese American Internment. The workshop also focuses on the post-September 11th experience of Arab and Muslim Americans to demonstrate how prejudice and wartime hysteria influence the media and government during times of national crisis where issues of security are balanced against constitutional liberties.

The JACL teacher-training workshops are offered as Saturday sessions to groups of up to 50 teachers. For information on workshops, contact the JACL Midwest Office at

 New Educational Resources

Anti-Defamation League Curriculum on Japanese American Internment

 In commemoration of the twentieth anniversary of the Civil Liberties Act of 1988, the Anti-Defamation League has developed a classroom curriculum about the Japanese American Internment.  The curriculum and materials are intended to reduce prejudice by examining stereotyping and racial and ethnic discrimination.


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