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Program Background

 Following the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami in 2011, Meiji Gakuin University (MGU) worked with the JACL and Direct Relief International to distribute over $6 million for relief and rebuilding efforts.  That relationship was based on a common desire to support the disaster victims in the affected area.  Since then, the JACL - MGU partnership has evolved and shifted to the academic arena.

As a result, MGU is pleased to offer a two-year Global & Transcultural Studies Scholarship to a JACL youth member, who is currently a college sophomore and who would be applying as an incoming junior. The recipient of the Meiji Gakuin University - JACL U.S.- Japan Scholarship would receive an award that covers 70 percent of the college tuition.  An additional grant that covers the remaining 30 percent may be awarded to the same recipient, if s/he meets the criteria for the Tuition Remission System for Privately Funded Full-time Foreign Students*.   For more information on the Tuition Remission System, visit the GTS webpage: 

Meiji Gakuin University

Established in 1863 by Dr. James Curtis Hepburn, an American doctor and a missionary, MGU is one of the oldest universities in Japan.  The university, located in Tokyo, consists of six faculty (schools), including the Faculty of International Studies that houses the Department of Global & Transcultural Studies (GTS).  GTS has an all- English-speaking program, which selects a group of 50 students each year to develop a transcultural perspective on world affairs, a well-rounded understanding of new global trends and effective analytical and communication skills for careers in international contexts.

Overview of GTS Academic Program

Highlights of the GTS Program:
• An interdisciplinary approach that develops global competency
• All courses taught in English by a highly competent and diverse group of professors
• Option to take courses offered in Japanese
• Language courses that include Chinese, French, German, Korean, Russian and Spanish
• Liberal arts education with career-focused skills development
• Internship opportunities in Japan and other Pacific Rim countries

This program and scholarship leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies.

MGU is a Student Exchange Program partner of the University of California and a Double Degree Program partner of San Francisco State University.   Meiji Gakuin University also boasts many other international exchange and internship programs.



Applicants must be an active National JACL chapter member.  JACL membership is open to everyone of any ethnic background.  Note: applicants need to hold an Individual or Student/Youth Membership (Couple/Family membership by a parent will not meet this requirement).  Individuals may join and/or renew their JACL membership online:

The scholarship recipient will be expected to join the Japan Chapter of the JACL and become the youth representative on the chapter board for the duration of his/her studies.

Application Process: Two Separate Applications Necessary

Applicants must complete two (2) separate applications:

 Click on “Type of entrance examination: Transfer Student Admissions (A) (September admission)”

  • Scholarship Application.  Applicants must contact GTS Dean Nozomu Abe for a special scholarship application form and information packet.  His email is:  (Note:  The JACL application form provided under the JACL Scholarship & Awards Program is not acceptable for this U.S.-Japan scholarship.) 

Important Information

The scholarship recipient must have an excellent academic record and must also:

  • Confirm enrollment in the GTS department after receiving an acceptance letter.
  • Complete the payment of MGU’s required tuition and fees for the first semester of study.
  • Be eligible for “foreign student” residency status.
  • Qualify for the Tuition Remission System for Privately Funded Full-time Foreign Students to receive the additional 30 percent tuition grant.

Applicants who do not qualify for the Tuition Remission System for Privately Funded Full-time Foreign Students may still apply for the Global and Transcultural Studies Scholarship (70% tuition).

The scholarship recipient will be reimbursed for tuition and fees paid prior to enrolling for each term and will continue to receive the scholarship for the standard duration by maintaining academic excellence.  GTS will review the award every semester to confirm the recipient’s compliance with the requirements of the scholarship.

See the following website for detailed information about the scholarship:

See the following website for information on MGU’s fee structure:

This scholarship does not cover the one-time enrollment fee of ¥200,000, room and board costs, personal expenses, or other fees charged by MGU.   Meiji Gakuin University does sponsor a limited number of apartment units for GTS students at 60,000 yen a month (including meals), and which are located not far from the campus.   To learn more, visit the website of the GTS Department:

December 2014:  Scholarship Applications available by email to:
March 10, 2015: MGU/JACL Scholarsihp Application deadline.
March 10 to March 28, 2015:  MGU Transfer Student Admission Applications (2nd period for September Admission). 
Scholarship applications are available at
April 18, 2015:  Notification of Admission to MGU and Awarding of Scholarship
July 4, 2015:  Deadline for Entrance Procedures
September 2015:  Fall Semester Starts at MGU   




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